Our Services

Our Services:

A a reputed and popular relocation brand in Kolkata we have served thousands of people with confidence and ultimate success. Our popular services are as follows:

Home Relocation:

Most of the resettlement processes take place with home transfer. This service is provided by most of the packers and movers. With this job also began Varuna Express Logistics‘ trip. We constantly think about the good service imparted to the clients. First, before we transport your items, we pack them with quality materials. We use various materials here on the basis of requirements. Fragile goods are packed with shock-resistant materials, like water bubbles. We will be evaluating shipping costs at the discussion point at our first meeting. Loading takes place with your full consent at the back door. Our department should work with all the different things for a seamless transfer.

Varuna express logistics
Varuna express logistics

Office Relocation:

Varuna Express Logistics has a strong list of corporate clients in the area of office relocation. Several times in other cities of the country, our programs have satisfied them. Technical support for the relocation of electronic gadgets is also provided. The relocation of a place of work involves extra time and familiarity with different types of objects. We have and we are proud of a team of professionals across both our departments. In major cities we are the pioneer of workplace relocation. Many major corporations have faith in us. Therefore, for repetition and referral we take them to the market. This will help us grow. Therefore, we are a company in the field of movements.

Car Relocation:

may be you are fighting to move the car from one place to another. Place the pressure on Varuna Express Logistics and remove the stress. In India, our reputation for smooth vehicle move has been so long an event. In the recent few years , we have done many successful and stress-free car relocation. Our specialists maneuver the two or four wheels for the best possible handling and transition. At the same time, we use modern technological tools and equipment for the safe loading and unloading of your cars . Our loading and unloading processes are also used for conventional transport shifting.

Varuna express logistics

Our containers are sealed and used for any expensive vehicle for their ultimate safety. Not only car, in the field of bike relocation too no can compete with us. It is our reputation in the arena of vehicle transportation.